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Switching the acid, one palladium catalyst swaps between alkyne hydroformylation or semihydrogenation (an article review)

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In drug discovery, chemodivergent reactions have recently attracted great interest because of their involvement in the synthesis of libraries of small molecules. The concept of diversity-oriented synthesis relates to the selective formation of various well-defined products from only one readily available starting material. This can be achieved by steering the reaction’s selectivity through fine-tuning of […]

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The Patent Landscape for Hydrogenation Technology

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From the hardening of vegetable oil, the hydrodesulfurization, to the enantioselective reduction to produce a pharmaceutical active ingredient, all these processes use a catalyst to add molecular hydrogen to a reactive, unsaturated fragment (such as C=C, C=O or C=N) of a target molecule. Catalytic hydrogenation is one of the most widespread reaction practiced throughout the […]

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