InCatT has the infrastructure and knowledge required for high throughput screening (HTS) of homogeneous catalysts. In addition, we use an unique patented approach to make supramolecular bidentate ligands which are formed by just mixing ligand building blocks. The high modularity of the ligand building blocks combined with the supramolecular approach in principle allows over 6 million combinations leading to an enormous potential catalyst library.

InCatT uses an evolutionary approach to find the best catalyst for your catalytic process. Optimization of the best catalyst is done using a robot with 16 parallel reactors that records the gas-uptake curves providing the kinetic data that allows you to evaluate the catalyst performance and helps you in the up-scaling of the reaction.

InCatT can perform the catalytic transformations under high pressure up to 1 liter (4 liter on request) producing multi-gram quantities of product for further studies.

InCatT has large expertise in the fields of:

  • (asymmetric) hydrogenation
  • (asymmetric) hydroformylation
  • carbonylation
  • (palladium-catalyzed) cross-coupling reactions

Please contact InCatT to inform how InCatT can help to find the best catalytic process.

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