In-Depth Kinetic Studies

Unlocking the most complex processes

Many chemical processes suffer from not-well understood side reactions causing low productivity and low purity of the final product. In this case, a full understanding of the intrinsic process properties becomes necessary. InCatT extensive knowledge in catalysis and using detailed kinetic studies will unravel your most troublesome process.

Additionally to our infrastructure suited for gas monitoring and kinetic studies, our laboratories are equipped with a very wide range of analytical tools of great value for addressing intricate processes. These instruments and devices include:

  • Infrared high pressure autoclave
  • Autoclaves suited for sampling (for kinetic measurements)
  • High pressure NMR (up to 70 bar)
  • Stopped flow CD apparatus
  • multi-nuclei NMR & EPR
  • HPLC, GC, GPC, mass spectrometer, LC-MS
  • Gloveboxes for the set up of inert experiments.
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