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The DCP-dialdehyde is an intermediate in the manufacture of important building blocks for the production of polymer materials. DCP-dialdehyde can be used for the synthesis of polyesters (via reduction to alcohol), polyamides (via amination) or to polyurethanes. The product is provided as a mixture of the different regioisomers (purity> 97%).

IUPAC: octahydro-1H-4,7-methanoindene-2,5-dicarbaldehyde, octahydro-1H-4,7-methanoindene-1,5-dicarbaldehyde, octahydro-1H-4,7-methanoindene-2,5-dicarbaldehyde and octahydro-1H-4,7-methanoindene-1,6-dicarbaldehyde

CAS Number: 25896-97-3

Molecular Formula: C12H16O2

Molecular weight: 192.25 g.mol-1


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