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Palladium and Nickel Catalysts in Industry: Opportunities and Challenges.

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By Valentinos Mouarrawis & Sander Kluwer InCatT B.V. Transition metal catalysis occupies a pivotal role in the modernization of our chemical industry because it ensures more efficient use of scarce natural resources and also aids in the minimization of waste production. Besides these economic reasons, the development of efficient catalytic processes is of crucial importance […]

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The Patent Landscape for Hydrogenation Technology

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From the hardening of vegetable oil, the hydrodesulfurization, to the enantioselective reduction to produce a pharmaceutical active ingredient, all these processes use a catalyst to add molecular hydrogen to a reactive, unsaturated fragment (such as C=C, C=O or C=N) of a target molecule. Catalytic hydrogenation is one of the most widespread reaction practiced throughout the […]

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