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Fast and Efficient Catalyst Optimization Strategies

Catalyst research requires specialized knowledge, well-trained scientists and equipment. Within this application letter, we will provide an overview of the research strategies we have developed for the AMTECH SPR16 reactor system.

Identifying Water Oxidation Catalysts for Clean Fuel Production

The splitting of water in a light-driven reaction is one of the most promising processes for producing clean fuel. In order to create an efficient process suitable reaction catalysts must be found. In a high throughput screening we performed more than 200 reactions with different catalysts inside OxoDishes® and recorded the oxygen production. This way we were able to identify several catalysts that could form oxygen at the used reaction conditions. Comparison with Clark-electrode measurements confirmed results gathered with the OxoDishes®. The OxoDishes® proved to be a robust and versatile tool when screening for molecular water oxidation catalysts (WOCs).

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