InCatT is expanding infrastructure

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A new AMTECH SPR16 robot platform is currently being installed.

The AMTECH SPR16 is a reaction platform for parallel testing of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalytic reactions. The 16 independent reactors can be programmed individually in terms of reaction temperature, pressure and stirring speed allowing to screen a significant reaction space in a single overnight experiment.

The system can be run isobarrically (meaning at constant pressure) at 4 different pressures. For catalytic reactions that consume reactive gas such as hydrogenation, carbonylation, and hydroformylation reactions, the gas-uptake curves will be recorded. Thus in a single overnight experiment the full kinetics of the catalyst system can be obtained. Besides the gas-consumption also the reaction temperature, the pressure, the stirring rate and the gas-uptake curves are recorded for each individual reactor. InCatT uses this platform to:

• Perform catalysts screening to compare different catalysts under well controlled reaction conditions,
• Perform highly detailed kinetic studies,
• Evaluate the catalyst’s window of operation (by spiking known impurities),
• Perform DoE studies,
• Prepare small amounts (up to 1-2 grams) of new material.

Reaction conditions
The reactions in the AMTECH SPR16 can be run under under a wide range of reaction conditions such as:

• Temperature -10 to 200 °C,
• Pressure 5- 150 bars,
• Stirring rate 200 RPM – 2000 RPM.

Soon we will have double capacity for high level kinetic and DoE studies. Interested, contact us on

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