Development of new catalysts for sustainability

90% Of all chemicals are prepared using a catalytic step somewhere in its production, and thus catalysis has become an extremely important field in chemistry. Catalysis has been recognized as one of the twelve pillars of green chemistry because a catalytic conversion can typically be performed at lower reaction temperature (saves energy), can show nearly 100% atom efficiency (saves material) and does not produce stoichiometric amounts of side-products (prevents waste being formed). Catalysis appears to be the driver for a more sustainable future.

There are no universal set of ligands suitable for use in all catalytic reactions. The outcome of a catalytic reaction is often difficult to predict and there is a need for the catalyst screening services that InCatT provides. In addition, every customer and every process has its own requirements for the development of a new catalyst system and thus InCatT treats every request for a every catalyst screening as a tailor-made R&D project to meet the conditions. InCatT will sit down together with the customer to understand and help fine-tune the research strategy necessary to develop the new catalysts systems. Requirements like the development of new chemistry, use of off-patent catalyst, cheap catalysts, screen commercial or in-house catalysts are all possible. Besides catalyst screening, we also offer our high pressure infrastructure (20 Liter autoclave) for third party production campaigns.

InCatT has developed its’ own privileged catalysts for asymmetric hydrogenation. The METAMORPhos ligands and UREAPhos ligands show great potential for some of the most challenging substrates in asymmetric hydrogenation. With our own developed catalyst systems we have developed production processes to obtain unnatural (fluorinated) amino acids, β-amino acids, 2-amino tetralins and Roche ester and their derivatives.

InCatT B.V. (short for Innovative Catalyst Technologies) is a privately held company founded in 2009 based in The Netherlands as a spin-off company of the University of Amsterdam. The company has developed in an all-round catalysis research company able to tackle most catalytic problems. Each member of the management team has more than 20 years’ experience in homogeneous catalysis.

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